Monday, October 20, 2008


feeling violated today.
woke up this morning to send boys off to seminary.
sent r out to warm up his truck, since there was a hard frost last night.
he came back in to tell me there was no truck out there.
long story short: neighborhood was hit.
so far the tally includes a missing gps, a 4-wheeler and a garage door opener.
AND his truck.
lots of glove compartments were opened and emptied.
including our other two vehicles.
AND they smashed mr. m's little pumpkin at the end of our driveway.
all while we were sleeping.
lock everything.


Becky said...

Mason's pumpkin? Now THAT'S crossing the line. I'm sending Officer Orton down STAT! (really though, I am SO sorry about everything. how is r doing?)

Jenny said...

Yes. Mason doesn't know yet. I'm thinking about sneaking off to get him another one before he finds out. That will shatter his world.
R is okay--probably not going to hear a single word his teachers say to him at school today, but okay. It's a bummer. Trust factor goes WAY down. I'm getting an attitude today, too.

Smilin' sunshine said...

I hate that. We had things like that happen in Utah and you do feel violated. We never had a car taken, but still understand the feeling.

I didn't do much at the stake activity, just facilitated an adult group, but we did miss you!!

Joy said...

I'm soooo sorry. We got hit just a few weeks ago. Second time in Utah. This guy took a bunch of yard equipment from our garage. Lucky though we have now got all but two items back. The guy was being watched on drug stuff, but the police still have not been able to retieve my beloved rotatiller

Nanci said...

What a miserable way to start your day. I hope the truck is found in good condition and returned soon!

My husband thinks I'm silly to lock the cars in the driveway. Thanks for the reminder.

LL said...

no way!!! ugh, that is a yucky feeling. wow.
Sorry Jen and sorry to little Mason and R.

Cathy said...

Ugh! That's rotten.

(my mouth is still hanging open)

shirlgirl said...

Wow, I cannot believe that in your area!! That took a lot of guts to come into someone's yard and steal the truck and smash the pumpkin. I hope they catch these crooks. Now if something like that happened around here, I could understand it, but I certainly don't understand it where you are living. It is a bummer, that's for sure. Hope he gets the truck back in one piece and not too much damage. ALWAYS lock your vehicles and your house. I lock my car even if I am running back into the house for a second. I am not a trusting soul.

Michael Stokes said...

This is one of those times when forgiving doesn't sound like a plan

Jane said...

UGH! That just stinks. I can't believe that happened. What did the police say? Do they have any idea who?? I hope the catch who did it. And Poor Mason and the pumpkin. :(

Hope your day got tons better!!

ChefTom said...

Wouldn't you like to catch them in the act just once.

We got hit a few years ago and they smashed a window and stole a cd player, luckily it wasn't working and it got replaced via insurance. That night they hit everyone in the cul-de-sac.

It is a incredibly violated feeling.

Hope your day got better.

Schenewarks said...

Red rover, red rover, send Ranger right over. You need him more than we do. Sorry about losing red. Hopefully insurance will compensate him for his hard work. Amy Jo

Ben Hutchins said...

CRAZY... and here I thought maybe we should leave Utah since it is the only state we have been robbed in (twice). ANd that's saying something since we lived in CA, PA, and FL too. Joy mentioned the garage stuff stolen... but she didn't say that all her jewlry was stolen back in 2001 - Mother's day weekend - right out of her jewlry box which means it was most likely someone we knew and trusted.