Sunday, October 12, 2008

be real

"I have got to minute by minute watch my every thought and word and action.
I have got to build true charity in my heart of hearts..
in the fleshy part of my heart and not just on the surface.
It needs to be real through and through! "

My REAL friend said this to me Friday.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.


ChefTom said...

I love your Sunday thoughts. They make me smile and then cry because I realize how far I have yet to go to achieve the goal of perfection.

Jane said...

I need to be real too. That really makes you stop and think doesn't it?

Thanks for makeing me think!!

Becky said...

I hope I'm your REAL friend.:) So much I want to talk to you was Roger's eagle court, your new hair cut, the family pictures???? So much to catch up on and it's only been a couple days. I miss talking to you when it's been a few days.:(