Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today it's about soccer. and the boy who plays. and not about the truck he doesn't have anymore.

High School Soccer has been one of my Fall loves.It helps alot that my big boy is playing. Makes it more fun to watch.
He kicks, he throws in and chews on his mouthpiece like a pro.

Senior Night at the last soccer game. That man cub is dang cute. Actually, ALL my men are pretty cute. Lucky me.

This is a ritual that R and his H.S. soccer team go through at the beginning of every game. I believe it's the 'psych' they use to get pumped up and intimidate the other team. Kind of cave man. But funny to see. Be patient and you'll hear the chanting start about half way through the clip. R. is the set of lungs you hear leading the chant (he's #3). It brings out the proud cave mom in me. UGGG. (go knights!)


ChefTom said...

Did they win?
Hope R is feeling better about the truck.

Christy said...

I too have a primal love of sports, esp soccer! Soccer boys WERE always the cutest at my school!
Nice cheering section!

Schenewarks said...

Go Bam Bam and Pebbles! Such a proud Aunt of Captain R. AMy Jo

Jenny said...

T: They are winning. A LOT! Districts are in our future. Hooray for more soccer!
No word on missing truck. He's okay. Good insurance. We'll wait and see...
Go Blue Knights!

LL said...

YOU are such a fun, cute supportive cave mum.
GO Blue Knights...(i'm kinda tempted to call them Blue Darts)
anyway, soccer is FUN and it was always the cute boys in highshool playing soccer.

Becky said...

hey 'steady betty', i'm suggesting a tripod for future videoing. :)
SOCCER RULES! Wish I could come see one of his games. Please email his last games, including districts!!! Thanks - Aunty B

Smilin' sunshine said...

LOVE sports!!

Unfortunately, my daughter was not the culprit in the thefts at your house. If she were, your truck would be returned by now! She is only 3!

I was laughing at Ellen pretty hard myself!