Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't want to play today.
Oh what do you do when you're feeling temper-mental?
'cuz I'm cranky!
My husband has a name for me when I'm feeling like this.
He calls me Mrs. Pants.
It's a derivative of grumpy-pants.
I'm just trying to stifle Wilma. She wears those pants.
I'm thinking her last name is Pants.
Sometimes they fit. And sometimes I wear those things.
cranky wilma pants.
P.S. I'll still be nice to you.
Just don't get too close on these kinds of days.
Or say nice things.
Then I just feel bad. And that makes me more cranky.
Maybe you could just tell me what you DO when you feel like this.
If you feel like it.


Smilin' sunshine said...

You need a girls night out!

Schenewarks said...

Usually not feeling like that on a Friday, this is the best day of the week! Embrace the fact that you have two days off with no seminary, no lunch making, you're a free woman! Definitely time for some chocolate. Love you! AMy Jo

ChefTom said...

I'm never cranky... lol
But when my wife is, I go to Home Depot.

LL said...

Dearest Mrs. Grumpy Pants.
Go take a hot shower...and CLEAN!
works for me, seriously.
OR there's Ben and Jerry, invite them over. Just pretend they're your home teachers, here to help.
OR, just be grumpy...sometimes you just gotta be mad. But you'll have to get over it (before tomorrow) :)

Becky said...

Saturday is coming my dear. Hang can make it. What do I do? Um...take a nap. Can't help it if Ben lets me. Maybe you could lay on the couch while Mason watches a movie? C'mon - treat yourself. It'll make you feel better and the rest of your family won't be SCARED! :) Be gone Wilma Pants!

Michael Stokes said...

Personlly I have always found comfort in beating on a deacon or a High Priest [same thing] :-)

Jane said...

That was me yesterday.
Put one some good music...maybe something loud that you can move to. And then clean the heck out of the house (I always clean when I am grumpy) Lots and lots of chocolate. Popcorn and a chick flick (M would mind right?)

Just keep singing the sun will come out tomorrow. LOL!

I think a trip to Arizona the sunshine state would make you feel lots better.

Joy said...

I say enjoy it today. We are all intitled to have some personal space from all of those demands upon us, and just be grumpy!
Or if that is not for you go for a good run/walk works for me!

LL said...

Just checking it safe???
we love you, cranky or not!

mckell.b.p.55 said...

Oh!!! I LOVE your family pictures!!! Ther are SO cute... But it makes me miss you guys even MORE...

Jenny said...

New day--new attitude.
Friday IS my favorite day of the week... why was I not embracing that? I showered, I cleaned, I sat in the sun at a HS soccer game--and we won 7-0! I even had a date out for ice cream with Mr. W.
Life is good. And today is good. I got eight hours of sleep last night! On we go.