Saturday, October 11, 2008

rough roads ahead

I have to think we're all feeling it--
higher gas prices
food prices on the rise
people worrying
home heating costs through the roof
and on and on...
and this week, we pretty much waved good-bye to our retirement savings.
I hope they're thinking of re-naming Wall Street.
"Fall Street" might work.
I'm thinking of having a party.
Might as well.
Maybe a bonfire.
Bring your woes and toss them into the flames.
Then we'll make s'mores.
Would you come?


ChefTom said...

It is certainly uncertain times we are in, the upside is that it is a cycle that will go back up, the gas prices are on the way down and hopefully those that failed to protect the American people and the global economy will be held responsible. This is not a time to panic and if played right could be a time to make a fortune by buying under-valued stocks.
We all need to play the long game and hold our breath for the short-term.

Aaron H. said...

At least you had a retirement to lose!

Christy said...

Staring into a fire IS very soothing! Nature's TV. Add the melted sugar and it comforts all! We'll start sharpening our sticks.
My best advise..
The sun will come out ..Tomorrow!

LL said...

HEY. I just filled up for $3.19 a gallon, that's CHEAP :). Felt like I had just landed on a "great deal" isn't that sad.

shirlgirl said...

I filled up the other day for $2.99and Uncle David filled up for $2.97I haven't seen those prices in a very long time. Received statements from my investments, tax sheltered annuity, and bond funds and certainly cringed. This has happened before but not as drastic, and it will go up again, but I hope I don't lose all my retirement before this happens. Not sure what to do but don't want to do anything drastically. A friend's sister put all hers into cash and now doesn't know what to do with it. It is not a fun time,that's for sure. And I agree that those who caused it should be held totally responsible and get a grip.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Gas was $2.99 on 146! It is sad, but I was so excited!!

I think any reason to have a party is great! Bring it on!

Becky said...

Can I bring my friends Ben and Jerry?

Jane said...

I am packing now...

a bonfire on a crisp autumn night sure sounds fun!

For some reason I am not that worried...and I am sure I should be. I just feel pretty calm about it all.
Gas just dropped to 3.19 and that seemed like a bargin too. I guess it is better than the 4.00 we paid all summer.

Hang in there!

Jenny said...

Can you believe we paid $2.89 today to fill up in New Bedford? Crazy... I was thinking how cheap that was! I think it's a ploy. Jack it up, let it down and we all think we're getting a bargain now!