Friday, October 17, 2008


gifts from the garden that keeps on giving
(even tho' I'm not giving back) gifts from the husband for no specific reason
(wait, it's not just the flowers!)

It's my new CAMERA!! from God captured in the lens of this new camera.

This is the cemetary by our house.

We love it here.

I actually took this shot of the leaves!


I'm loving these gifts.


Becky said...

beautiful Jen...I always feel like the leaves are my October birthday present from Heavenly Father - and I thank him for that everyday.:) Glad you have a camera again.

LL said...

did your birthday come early? roses, camera...cucumbers ;)
SERIOUSLY...nice gifts!
and beautiful pics...I think you're going to have lots o fun with this new toy!

Schenewarks said...

You definitely deserve all of the above and more after the finger thru the pipe incident. Smart man. Amy Jo

Cathy said...

VEry nice. I love the pictures from your new camera.
Funny how everything is picture worthy when you have a new camera.

shirlgirl said...

Great picture of the cucumbers--glad you had such a great crop this year. Loved your fall pictures with your new camera, and have fun with it. Look forward to some great shots.

ellen said...

Sweet camera!!!

ChefTom said...

Wow, husbands getting kudos all over the east this week, Great call Roger.

Nice veggies, flowers and camera.

I miss the N.E. fall. It is my favorite season.

Jane said...

Love those pictures!!
I want to hop on a plane and come be in New England for your amazing fall so bad now. Love the new camera, I am sure it helped to forget all about that plumbing mess. Beautiful flowers, and enjoy the cukes!

smart mama said...

gorgeous pics and hallelujah for a new camera!