Thursday, October 23, 2008


field hockeycanoeing in the backyard with blond kids
fall foliage

Marching Band

The trumpet player
Energetic Music
I LOVE this busy Fall!


Becky said...

I second that motion. Enjoying every minute. Sad that soccer and cross country seasons are over. On to winter, eh?

ChefTom said...

All those schedules will keep you hopping from one to the other. Looks like fun.

Jenny said...

Not over here yet, Becky. Soccer goes through 11/3 and then districts... Cross country until the end of next week. Hooray! And YES, Tom--we hop a lot here. It's so much fun!

Schenewarks said...

Love the new pictures - all the way around - Amy Jo

ellen said...

I like your new banner photo! :) And, hey, nice backyard!!

Schenewarks said...

Did I say how nice Sarah looks in that blue? Great color! Aunt Amy Jo

LL said...

you can sled here, ANYDAY! but I'm thinking we might have to come play in your back yard...looks FUN!