Thursday, July 31, 2008

WHAT happened to JULY?!?

So where DID this month go, anyway?! Every year I ask myself the SAME question! You know that saying 'the lazy days of summer?' I'm pretty sure I've never experienced that. There's just TOO dang much to do! LIKE:
CELEBRATE! Not one, but TWO cousins turning into TEENAGERS, for heavens sake! This is an occasion that CANNOT be passed by.
So happy birthday, KAYLA

and there's the cute party watchers--you'll see them at most parties--the ones that watch and go "Oh, that's so nice!" or "What do you say for that nice present?" So I'm happy to tell you that this crowd of party watchers not only includes my amazing mom, her friend Barbara, the always ready for a party Ann Bach, but PLEASE notice that the hospital-pants-clad BECKY ORTON is in attendance! Now that calls for a party in and of itself!! So this happened today (last day of July), and since she came from hospital to Massachusetts, you may NOT nominate her for "What Not to Wear." She was badly in need of a tan, but SO, SO happy to be out and among the party-ers! (Go, girl!)
and a BIG birthday shout out to the other new teenager in the family, HUNTER!! He's the one reading the yellow card, keeping the crowd of present ooglers at bay. Can I PLEASE just tell you how happy I was to be NEXT to my sister NOT in a hospital? GOOD TIMES. Good news. Good grief. Next time someone can take a picture when I'm NOT chewing on a hot dog!

Okay, and swimming lessons pretty much monopolized every day for two weeks this month, so HOORAY for Mason, who can now dunk himself under with the best of them!

And I would be a negligent sister NOT to point out that my favorite lawyer brother Aaron, FINISHED taking the bar exam. Wife, daughters and neices were on hand to greet his tired brain when it walked through the door. Great way to end this month... I belive he's going to go study a few dociers just to celebrate

The month of July wouldn't be complete without a trip to our favorite Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester! LOVE that place... and they've added these cool new audio wand tours to make the trip around the display cases last a little longer. It's even better when you get to take a fun friend along! Thanks, Bentley!

Okay. But my favorite event in the month of July?
That cool man you're looking at in the photo below?
BISHOP Whitcomb.
Oh, I mean FORMER Bishop Whitcomb!
After a few months shy of TEN years of sitting up there on that stand in the bishopric or as the bishop... he's all mine again!
And THAT is an event worth ending the month on. I feel blessed to have a husband committed to the gospel, and who can now be committed to sitting next to me on the bench each Sunday.


Oh, HYPER CHILD, where do you come from? What makes you surface, and how can I reel you in? You emerge at breakfast (is it the cereal, where the main ingredient is SUGAR?) you come back for visitors (are you after the CHOCOLATE that my true friends present upon arrival?) and you really shine at dinner time when the rest of us long for that end-of-day, theraputic adult conversation... but instead we become audience to YOU. Two chiquita banana stickers become props for an endless night of silliness--the knock knock jokes never end and THEN the dancing begins! This, of course, is the stuff I love--the fact that we then ALL become hyper children, and laugh and dance until dinner wears off. One of my FAVORITE blessings is having a silly, spontaneous family.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Day at the BEACH

Our LITTLE town beach! I LOVE this place... perfect for swimming lessons, sand castle building, and passing the time on a summer day!
This little man must have made FIVE THOUSAND trips from the water to the moat... scoop and dump... all day long. A BEAUTIFUL concept for a tired mom.
Doritos and SAND--it's what the beach is all about!
AND of course--a good BOOK!
Are those not the cutest KNEES you've ever seen?!
the BEACH is a true blessing to me. LOVE that place!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

College Roommate REUNION!

Darleen, my college roommate (from MANY years ago...) came to visit! A VERY fun time, with her daughter Ariana, husband Mike and LOTS of dessert. I'm glad she still likes me enough to visit! My kids can't imagine that I was EVER in college... it feels like it was YESTERDAY! I feel blessed to know Darleen, and to call her friend. (AND--she brought me CHOCOLATE!!)