Wednesday, January 21, 2015

we won the lottery, basically

I keep telling everyone that about our new daughter-in-law...
Teeny is WAY better than we would ever have imagined the perfect companion for our son would be.  I mean it. 
She's the BEST.
 AND she brings out the best in Yonder.
We feel LUCKY!
We feel surreptitiously lucky for Teeny's family.
They're FUN too!
(borrowed photo from FB--thanks NJ!)
and they've now gained another FUN family member in Yonder. See how that works?
Having children get married is an experience about which I was feeling a bit of trepidation... but it's now something I highly recommend.  As long as there are FUN feelings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

an update from Idaho

Our favorite BYU-Idaho student is mixing things up this semester. She's "off-track." This means she's not attending classes full-time; instead she's working four days a week and taking an online class. 
She moved to the apartment next door, has the same room mate who we're all crazy about, 
and is diving head-first into some new experiences and opportunities. 
She's as lovely as ever.
(and missed more than ever)
Inside AND out.

Monday, January 19, 2015

You decide

There's a lot of stuff going around out here in cyber world about why the Patriots won their big game on Sunday; some of it good and some of it not so good. Only you can decide for yourself why this is the case. But while the rest of us were busy with life, this faithful ten year old fan was getting his game on in our New England kitchen, and made a hot bean dip for the occasion. I'm chalking the win up to a devotee and his dip.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Traditionally at the beginning of each calendar year, the Young Women host an evening to get excited about the year ahead in their organization. With the help of their leaders, they plan and execute most of it themselves. (Leeli was in charge of decorations)
It's a chance to review their purpose and personal progress, be reminded of their divine natures, and get excited for what the year will bring. (Rooney conducted the evening)
It was a cold and rainy night outside, but inside it was warm and FUN! We have a terrific bunch of youth in Gardner.
I'm looking forward to supporting their activities and growth in 2015.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

in case you think you're missing something

It's been about a week and a half since I discovered the dryer wasn't working. Actually, it seemed to work, it just wasn't DRYing anything. The heating element has died, I have deduced, and, in a laundry-dependent household such as ours, I celebrate the hard-working longevity of such a thing.
Since we're still living life at a minimum of 65 mph, we are currently adorning our mantel with cool patterned socks and color coordinated buntings made of the laundry variety, instead of researching our future dryer options.
(your strong and biased dryer testimonials welcome in the comments section below)
Morning Boy is starting to perk up enough to have moments when he claims to be bored. I'm grateful. He still sounds like a smoker when he coughs and is found resting on the couch when he thinks no one is paying attention.
Enrique has been pronounced flu-FREE and has flown off to UMass to jump both feet into his final semester as an undergrad.
I miss him already.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


the fever climbed on board the next child host.
He missed three days of school.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Enrique in the big city

I spoke with Dub before Christmas about taking a trip to New York with Enrique. New York isn't really Mr. Dub's thing, so he encouraged me to move ahead with the planning, and he volunteered to hold down the fort while we went. I waited with excitement for that little gift to be opened on Christmas morning, and then counted down the days until our date in the city.
The stars don't always align when you make big plans; Enrique came down with a nasty illness a few days before our scheduled January 13th trip. Sandwiched between fevers and coughing on one side, and looming work and school schedules on the other, we kept to the plan and forged onward. We decided to let our two-day trip melt into one, and left mid-morning on our four hour drive.
Enrique wanted to explore the Louis Armstrong House/Museum 
before we hit Broadway, so our first stop was Corona; a neighborhood in Queens, and a tour we both really enjoyed.
I loved that Louis lived in a humble home (at a time when he could have afforded much greater luxury) where he was adored by all of his neighbors. I loved learning about his humble beginnings and listening to actual voice recordings of conversations he had in his home.  He was a big proponent of laxatives, and spent unabashed hours in his bathrooms, which ends up being an entertaining part of the house tour. Do stop and visit if you're at all close.
Who doesn't love Mr. Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World?" That's how he felt about his little corner of Queens.
Enrique, still not feeling well, was all but worn out by the time our hour-long visit concluded, and was happy to climb back in the car to make the 32 minute drive across the Hudson to the Neil Simon theater, where we had tickets to a show that night.
Thanks to rush hour traffic in the big apple, we made it in just under two hours. Plenty of time to rest our feet.
We found parking, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then walked a few blocks to Times Square, where we snapped the obligatory selfie on the red steps,
 took in the lights and sights,
stopped for some m&m's
(I recommend the dark chocolate peanut variety)
 and sprinted back to the theater to catch the show.
I learned of the musical in December when I started researching shows for our visit. The Last Ship caught my eye when I read that Sting, who wrote the music and lyrics for the production, would be joining the cast. The story line draws upon his memories of the shipbuilding community where he was born and raised in northern England.  It really was a great show.  I was surprised to learn that it was in its final weeks, and still feel a little sad that more people won't be able to experience it on Broadway.
We left the theater after the excellent performance, and had enough wind beneath our wings to line up outside the stage doors for some autographs and a Sting sighting.
We were delighted to get both.
Sadly my frozen fingers did not capture more than the back of his head as he left the barricaded area, but we had pleasant conversations with many of the actors, including my personal favorite, Father O'Brien (played by Fred Applegate).
Our time at the Neil Simon Theater was good.
 And it lifted us both sufficiently to get us safely home 
by just after two o'clock. In the AM hours.
(Don't you worry, New York... I'll be back.)