Monday, June 15, 2015

multi tasking

The garden lettuce is multiplying!
So so much.
School is still in session.
Teresa is integrating into the junior class with Rooney at the High School.
A friend offered to give me some rhubarb.
I told her I didn't really know what to do with it, except maybe look up a recipe for pie/crisp. She told me she had a great recipe for curry.
I jumped on it.
It got mixed reviews.
I really liked it.
Some didn't.
 While juggling final exams, work schedules and garden produce, there is now this new element of the exchange student in the house. And fifty hikes that aren't being racked up as fast as I'd like.
So Monday afternoon Leeli and I took her for a small tour of the local area, and hiked around the pond at Coggeshall park while we were at it.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

benvenuto to our Italian family member

Sunday evening we drove into Boston to meet and greet our Italian exchange student. We volunteered to host her for a month, and she volunteers to be part of our family and lifestyle.
The goal? Improve her English language skills and share cultures.
I wonder who's getting more than they bargained for?
We waited quite a long time, not anticipating the volume of travelers entering the country from international destinations. We were told the customs process when entering Boston is quite rigorous.
 She arrived, she's delightful, and her English is ECCELLENTE.

You trip to Western Mass and find a piece of (art) work.

I took Leeli and Rooney to UMass for some after-church lunch-ing.
For the first time in the four + years we've been dining as ("family eats for free!") Enrique's guests at the University, the cashier did NOT want to believe that the two beauties at my side were all family. I'm pretty sure she thought they were just students masquerading as family to get a free meal.
We WERE in it for the free meal.
And time with Enrique, of course.
He's the real deal.
He wanted to showcase the artwork he found in an abandoned building on campus. He had plans to decorate a friend's room when they weren't looking.
Fine art. Both the painting and the guy.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

the crazy Uncle

Birthday tribute to the Uncle in the family who manages to keep the next generation on (or off) their toes.
 He has talents that sometimes go overlooked.
He'll clear out a party faster than you can say thank you for coming.
He's a great pace maker when climbing a mountain--he'll get you to the top in record speed. 
He's LOYAL. 100%.
 If there's a family occasion to be celebrated, he's IN.
 I know his weakness.
It has something to do with cute babies.
If you're feeling down, he'll get right down there with you.
 There's not much he'd rather do than make you laugh.
He's a brother in every way.
H to the B, Aaron!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Look who's 24!

 It's almost as if he has been on one nonstop adventure since he could walk and make anything with wheels go 'round...
Vroom vroom! He's off to the quarter century mark.
Ready, set, ...GO!!!
Happy Birthday Yonder!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Best things

After church I checked my phone to arrange a meeting place with my brother. I was headed to my niece's graduation. As soon as I touched the screen, a text from an unknown number came up.
With a picture of our missionary!
It said: "I'm at church with your lovely missionary!"
A kind text from a random stranger who knows how much this picture would mean to a missionary mom's heart.
I love kind people.
And I love that girl of mine!