Sunday, January 31, 2016

...and the rest of January went something like this:

 Frequent Nerf Wars and not-so-safe Safe Zones.

Our inaugural dinner invitation to Yonder and Teeny's new home
complete with games that made us laugh.
 A speaking assignment at Stake Conference
and enjoying friends who live on the other side of the state
 Morning Boy learned how to iron.
He liked it so much he asked to do it again the next day.
 Weekend family gatherings and testing the limits of Hagrid, the couch that Yonder and Teeny built. (Every time I say that, the question "Who builds a couch?" reverberates in my mind)
 Superfans in Boston, tickets courtesy of Dub's boss.
 Making the Celtics' JUMBOTRON was the highlight of somebody's night.
Probably TWO somebodies.
 And for posterity, these three make me happy.
It's what's left of the ducklings and I'm so happy we have some more time together in the nest.
Believe it or not, the two in the back are looking at the scriptures on their devices.
The fact that we've committed to read the Book of Mormon each night together (Thanks, Instagram @BofM365) and finish it by the end of the year - AND - we're actually doing it EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. is making me want to stand up and do the happy dance. 
See Ya January. 


Unknown said...

Do your happy dance! These pics are just great.:-)

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Do your happy dance! These pics are just great.:-)
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