Saturday, January 9, 2016


Yonder and Teeny are in the garage building a couch frame from some DIY plans they found online. I love that they're here! I love that they chose Massachusetts as their first post-graduate adventure. I love that they're working together to create a place to rest. They've signed a lease on a place to live on the North Shore, and I predict they will have many visitors in their new home. Living 15 minutes from Boston guarantees a stream of family and friends who will want a place to rest when they choose New England as a destination. Big things are happening for these fledglings who are building the foundation of their story along with that couch frame.
It's good to imagine "big" things happening in 2016--I'm glad that we have so many moments we think of as "big..." 
Really they're just a collection of small things that happen regardless of how we choose to categorize them. The best part of life is made up of the small things, I think, and building the small things up to be big: that's a win in the big picture.
coordinating flannel shirts = win
coming inside to assemble the frame = win
s'mores by the fire = bonus win
We're tripping along more than a week past the new year, and I'm still collecting Christmas decorations from dusty surfaces around the house. Cleaning up Christmas feels like the next big thing; besides what's for dinner and whether I'll get in a shower today.  I say in my head that if I get a shower at least four times a week, 
the tree put out before my mom's birthday (January 8th) 
and the outside wreaths taken down before Valentine's Day, 
I'm on schedule.
Good so far.
Here's to building up to BIG things in 2016.


shirlgirl said...

Nice post, Jenny.

ellen said...

You have a good outlook on life and are not keep tracking of what makes you mad like someone you know.