Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no power

while discussing last week's school vacation, we asked the kids what their favorite moment was.  One of them picked Saturday evening, when we lost power for about four hours.
life slows down 
and becomes delightfully simple 
when there is no power.

window in Lexington, MA

Monday, February 27, 2012

pet onions

Little did I know, when I gifted my leftover LARGE and tasty onion rings to a certain scoundrel son-of-mine that he would nibble the crusty ring, slide out the slimey strips of onion, and turn them into pets.  With names.  Meet George (on the left) and Washington (on the right).
much giggling ensued.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

destination reveal:

 Friday's big surprise?!?...
some of the kids might not have been too appreciative when we arrived, but once inside, we ALL had fun and learned a few things about plumbing!  (Everyone agreed they'd come back again and bring a friend)
 It's located in WATERtown, Massachusetts.  (how appropriate!)
A few years ago, I learned that there was an American Sanitary Plumbing Museum located almost in our backyard, in Worcester.  I was not able to convince my family that it would be a great destination... and the museum closed their doors.  (I was SAD!)  Mr. Dub knew about my emotional state, and did what he could to find out what had happened to the collection.
This day, to me, represents the deep and abiding love Mr. Dub has for me.

 Also, his shared respect for an art that most Americans take for granted, and even look down upon. (shame!)
the evolution of prison toilets was interesting...
  for some reason, female urinals
(like this one) never really caught on.
 the displays were GREAT,
the artwork was FUN
and there really was something for everyone!
 By, the way... admission?  FREE.
 the wall of international bathroom signs was a favorite spot.
If you live at all close,
 I read and loved this book last year, which really helped me to appreciate my visit even more.
 Plumbers are HEROES!
They saved American Civilization.
Mr. Dub continues to be the man who knows what makes my heart go thumpety-thump.
Thank you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

scouting is still TOPS

He just keeps on earning things and loving it,
but really?
I won the PRIZE.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

would you like some complimentary vinegar in your eye?

Tonight Mr. Dub (who I lub) came home from work and got us all jazzed up about an outing we will take tomorrow.  He lubs me so much that he planned this all on his own, and surprised me this morning in an email.  It'll be like a pilgrimage to mecca for ME!  I told him to keep it a surprise, and then, of course everyone was trying to guess where we'll go.  

One of the girls said "the spa?" to which Morning Boy replied "who wants to go to a place where they put pickles on your eyes?"


 On Tuesday I had to drive Enrique back to UMass for his afternoon class.
I had THREE eager volunteers when I asked who would like to come along.
Was it the four hour car trip?
The ride in the elevator?
The view out his 18th floor dorm window?
None of the above.
It was lunch in the campus dining center
(oh! the choices!)
with all you can eat ice cream for dessert.
simple pleasures.

you've got MAIL

 Pepperell, MA

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a flair for the dramatic may course through our veins

The latest cultural event in our repertoire was an evening of entertainment:
Competitive Class Plays at the High School.
It was fun and very entertaining.
 Sweet Mesquite was
the sophomore class Stage Manager.
 her enthusiasm was contagious
 as if High School weren't dramatic enough, she added HOURS and DAYS and WEEKS of thespian SKILL to her already full schedule.
 I applaud her.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enrique Came Home!

maybe it hasn't been that long since Christmas Break.
but to us?
any break without a family member is a long break.
When we heard he was coming home for President's Day,
we all CHEERED!
he got a ride home from a friend in town, and arrived yesterday while we were all at church.
of course we came bashing through the door ready to hug him...
THIS is what we found:
 college kids need lots of sleep once they get home.
some of us had a harder time respecting the sign than others...
when he finally woke up he got hugged from all angles.
It was sweet.
Then the tormenting began.
Where in the book about the five love languages does it talk about teasing and poking and pinching?
I sat on the couch and smiled.
Earlier in motherhood, I might have intervened.
Now I know this is how they say "I love you."
Today they went out for lunch together.
This picture texted from Enrique's phone just warms my heart.

Monday, February 20, 2012

oh brother(s)

 i must have missed the memo that said the party would be in Utah last week.
three of my brothers got together and I'm sure the banter was BIG.
i LOVE my brothers.
That middle one caught wind of 
He one-up'd us 
Game on, Zach.  In the name of a little healthy competition.
And family fun.
Stay tuned.
i was lucky enough to stumble across a piece of my fourth brother's schedule via a random email last week, and discovered that he'd be in my back yard for a meeting on Friday.
i quickly offered to meet him for lunch, and threw in the offer for a HUG from me as dessert.
(an offer I knew he couldn't refuse)
we met up! we ate quesadillas! we hugged!
and then he was off.
if I had kept my wits about me, I might have thought to snap a picture of him.  
just being able to see him had me all undone; but here's one from last November that I like.

Friday, February 17, 2012

just so you know...

Valentine's Day
was pretty much 
the eighth wonder in our world:
 first of all, KUDOS to Leeli, who made all her classmates and teachers HOMEMADE Valentines.
 Hearts, red and pink at every meal.
(check out the Valentine's Day manicure!)
 the house was exploding with love
 Mr. Dub's car got heart-attacked
in the parking lot at work
 we did our part
to support the sales of red jello
 LOVE was in the air
(and on the walls and windows...)
 treats just kept showing up!
 umm... a box of PERFECT long stems.
wowee wow, WOW!
 boy with red shirt, CRAZY in love with his mom
(can't you see I make him crazy?)
and I didn't even have to cook!
it was all just so LOVE-ly.
the end.