Monday, February 20, 2012

oh brother(s)

 i must have missed the memo that said the party would be in Utah last week.
three of my brothers got together and I'm sure the banter was BIG.
i LOVE my brothers.
That middle one caught wind of 
He one-up'd us 
Game on, Zach.  In the name of a little healthy competition.
And family fun.
Stay tuned.
i was lucky enough to stumble across a piece of my fourth brother's schedule via a random email last week, and discovered that he'd be in my back yard for a meeting on Friday.
i quickly offered to meet him for lunch, and threw in the offer for a HUG from me as dessert.
(an offer I knew he couldn't refuse)
we met up! we ate quesadillas! we hugged!
and then he was off.
if I had kept my wits about me, I might have thought to snap a picture of him.  
just being able to see him had me all undone; but here's one from last November that I like.


Doran & Jody said...

Oh so fun! I can't wait to see the challenge!

Alana said...

I like the picture of Rich and the wee-one. I'm glad we get to borrow him for a day this week. Its too bad YOU, the original party animal, missed the party.

Janssen said...

I hate missing a family party!

Jo Jo said...

i'm so copying all of this!

Aaron H. said...

I know you meant to captialize "The Party," because let's face it: I am.

shirlgirl said...

Nice the brothers could be together. Love the picture of Breyer & Rich together--very sweet.

Becky said...

Wait til you see the 'brother's' in my post tomorrow...oh BROTHER! :)

LL said...

LOVE that quote. Wow.