Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February!

I love that we started the month of February with the high temps nigh on 60 degrees.
I also love that while I was out reveling in the gorgeousness of today, I found this heart shape gauged into one of the logs lining our driveway.  Not even kidding.  LOVE!
While this blog may lead you to believe that I float airily through my days finding things to love on, this is not the case.  Some winter days it's all I can do to find my way to the shower.  And if I don't?  An un-showered me is much less productive, I promise.
I had a heads-up that this beautiful weather was coming, so I knew today would be wash-the-sheets day.
Flapping sheets make me happy.
Smelling freshly line-dried sheets on my bed makes me downright giddy.
Also, since it was a marvelous day to be outside, I encouraged my offspring to seize the afternoon, and we took great delight in making shadows and just generally frolicking to save the world.


Sherry said...

I miss the outside world! I find that while Ike and I could handle the outdoor temps a lot of times, the air quality is so miserable I don't dare take my constantly cold-ridden toddler into it.

Jo Jo said...

(Sad at above comment!) I'm finding that you have four happy posts in a row...I hope you truly are having wonderfully glorious days. I love you by the way

LL said...

I could taste the Spring in the air yesterday--giddy YES!
It was a beautiful day.

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures and love the last one. It was a beautiful day to be sure and just a tease. Poor bulbs don't know what to do. A friend's daffodils are coming up already--much too soon. Sure is cold today, though, but it's winter and we have to expect it. I'm all for the no snow except for those in north country who really need it in the ski areas and those depending on extra income in the winter for snowplowing. I do remember many years ago of a very mild winter--just about the same thing. Sorry your friend Sherry can't get out more often. Must not live in our area.

Doran & Jody said...

It is also cccold here.
I thought maybe you were going to make your offsprings split and stack that wood.

Anonymous said...

You should pin the picture of wood to pinterest. :)


Becky said...

Um...we didn't reach 60 up HERE...What world do YOU live in? I think maybe 40, but nothing close to 60. Lucky ducks.