Sunday, February 26, 2012

destination reveal:

 Friday's big surprise?!?...
some of the kids might not have been too appreciative when we arrived, but once inside, we ALL had fun and learned a few things about plumbing!  (Everyone agreed they'd come back again and bring a friend)
 It's located in WATERtown, Massachusetts.  (how appropriate!)
A few years ago, I learned that there was an American Sanitary Plumbing Museum located almost in our backyard, in Worcester.  I was not able to convince my family that it would be a great destination... and the museum closed their doors.  (I was SAD!)  Mr. Dub knew about my emotional state, and did what he could to find out what had happened to the collection.
This day, to me, represents the deep and abiding love Mr. Dub has for me.

 Also, his shared respect for an art that most Americans take for granted, and even look down upon. (shame!)
the evolution of prison toilets was interesting...
  for some reason, female urinals
(like this one) never really caught on.
 the displays were GREAT,
the artwork was FUN
and there really was something for everyone!
 By, the way... admission?  FREE.
 the wall of international bathroom signs was a favorite spot.
If you live at all close,
 I read and loved this book last year, which really helped me to appreciate my visit even more.
 Plumbers are HEROES!
They saved American Civilization.
Mr. Dub continues to be the man who knows what makes my heart go thumpety-thump.
Thank you!


Janssen said...

You guys are just the most awesome family ever. That is all.

shirlgirl said...

Didn't he give a plumbing lesson for one of your FHE nights? I remember the toilets with the water closet above the toilet and a pull chain. Actually, a B&B in NH had one along with a claw foot tub--it was one of my favorite rooms at the Crabapple Inn, which is now the Federal House Inn. Not sure if it is still open, though. Glad you all had such a fun time. May Mr. Morning might decide to be a plumber!! They make good bucks and we always need them, too!

Becky said...

Pure AWESOMENESS. The female urinal? Sick. The peeping tom over the stall? FUNNY!

Aaron H. said...

You should watch the show Chronicle on ABC every night at 7:30. We knew about this place months ago, and there are so many other niche places like this around New England.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny and Roger, I wondered this weekend, where was your special day trip, I had a smile on my face when I read where it was. I can only imagine what the kids were saying when they saw the outside of the museum. I'm glad all had a good time. A little side note, my grandfather, the children's great, great grandfather Richmond Wooster Thompson was a plumber and owned his own business and my uncle Louie, their great great uncle worked for him, that was Auntie Helen's father. A little family history. Have a good week. Love to all, MOM

Jo Jo said...

Fun! Mr. Brown Sign is sooooo proud! A must for us this summer!

LL said...

This is going on our list! :-)
Seriously, my kids and husband would so love this, I can only imagine the noises they would make on the tour. We might have to go when no one else is there.

Alana said...

We're totally going next time we're in town. Its sweet that Dub makes your indoor plumbing go glub-glub.