Thursday, February 16, 2012

GOOD morning Thursday!

I convinced myself that it was indeed good
as I padded down the stairs this morning WAY before the birds were up.
The kids ate their breakfast
lunches got packed
everyone tromped off to seminary, work and school.
Then it was quiet.
Just ME,
some light reading over
breakfast for one
 I'm going to leave that obnoxious pile up alone for awhile.
Maybe the kitchen fairies will come while I'm taking my shower.


Smilin' sunshine said...

If they do, could you send them to my house after they finish at yours??!!

Janssen said...

My kitchen fairies are really lazy. All they do is seem to eat chocolate chips (at least, that's the only explanation that I can give for why they mysteriously vanish so quickly in my pantry).

Alana said...

If those mysterious fairies come your way send them over here next.

shirlgirl said...

sorry the kitchen fairy wasn't there to clean up for you!!