Thursday, February 23, 2012

would you like some complimentary vinegar in your eye?

Tonight Mr. Dub (who I lub) came home from work and got us all jazzed up about an outing we will take tomorrow.  He lubs me so much that he planned this all on his own, and surprised me this morning in an email.  It'll be like a pilgrimage to mecca for ME!  I told him to keep it a surprise, and then, of course everyone was trying to guess where we'll go.  

One of the girls said "the spa?" to which Morning Boy replied "who wants to go to a place where they put pickles on your eyes?"


Michael Stokes said...

oh dear, i look forward to part 2 of this post HT

shirlgirl said...

Isn't he intuitive? Cute remark.

LL said...

can't wait to hear :-)