Sunday, February 12, 2012

my hands have not been idle

the crochet lessons I got as a 12 year old have suddenly come in handy.
My eleven year old daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet.  We sat together on the couch for two nights, learning some basics.  On the second night, she asked me when she could start crocheting animals.  I told her
"when you're 47."


LL said...

I need to get that pattern book. SO CUTE!

shirlgirl said...

Those are awesome, Jenny. How would you like to make some for my craft table at church? Our fair is the second Saturday in June. I'd love it if you could make me a few of your crocheted beauties!

Jo Jo said...

Jen, google Signals, and monkey sock. Thought of your daughter and next December.

Primarymary said...

I tried to teach my Niece Jordyn to chain Saturday. She is still a little too young. I love making stuffed toys,have you tried Amigurumi?