Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enrique Came Home!

maybe it hasn't been that long since Christmas Break.
but to us?
any break without a family member is a long break.
When we heard he was coming home for President's Day,
we all CHEERED!
he got a ride home from a friend in town, and arrived yesterday while we were all at church.
of course we came bashing through the door ready to hug him...
THIS is what we found:
 college kids need lots of sleep once they get home.
some of us had a harder time respecting the sign than others...
when he finally woke up he got hugged from all angles.
It was sweet.
Then the tormenting began.
Where in the book about the five love languages does it talk about teasing and poking and pinching?
I sat on the couch and smiled.
Earlier in motherhood, I might have intervened.
Now I know this is how they say "I love you."
Today they went out for lunch together.
This picture texted from Enrique's phone just warms my heart.


Jo Jo said...

Your latter post applies wonderfully. Brothers are super heroes. Glad he could come home!

The Mormon Monk said...

Um, who's the blonde, his 20-year-old girlfriend? (JK, but holy cow! She's looking a little too old for Dub's comfort, methinks.)