Friday, August 19, 2011

How Nonfiction should read

 THIS was a delightful book!
 I brought it with me on vacation, and found myself laughing out loud at parts, and making interested "hmm" noises at other parts.  In case you're curious, I did not foresee even picking up a book about plumbing and poo, never mind enjoying one so immensely.
 ...and how fortuitous that our vacation included a recreational visit to Thomas Jefferson's retreat home complete with symmetrical privies!
 Flushed made this stop extra meaningful.
 Our group demonstrated a keen interest in Mr. Jefferson's outhouse.
 I was impressed at the influence that European architecture had on his estate planning, but not so impressed that the location of his necessary was still outside, while I'm sure his European travel must have afforded him the luxury of doing his duty indoors while overseas.
Thanks to the keen eye of my brother Zach, (who spotted this gem on the dollar rack outside the Harvard Bookstore while he was in town visiting)some of my interest in sanitation and plumbing has been satiated.  I still regret not visiting The American Sanitary Plumbing Museum while it was in nearby Worcester.
(Watertown's not so far away... there is still hope.)


Jo Jo said...

Then you'll love "Stiff," a kind of humerous book about dead bodies. Another Zach classic

Janssen said...

This DOES sound like the ideal way to read nonfiction.