Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning Treat

 Today our goody was not edible.
But it was fun!
We've been waiting THREE days for the right window of time to tackle this project.
At 8:00am this morning, 
I woke the lingering sleepyheads to
"Who's ready for some tie-dye?!?"
 The finished products were delightful.


shirlgirl said...

Fun, fun, fun! Pretty colors, too. Your clothesline looks awesome!

LL said...

What a cute idea!!!
I need to think outside of the tie die box--it doesn't always have to be a t-shirt!
Pillow cases, socks...FUN!

Jo Jo said...

I've never seen it in a spray can, much easier! Great idea!

April said...

How fun!! What a great idea!

The Mormon Monk said...

Tie-die socks?!? That's awesome. When's Enrique take off for band camp at UMass?