Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Home Evening

Remember that conference talk in October of 2009 when Elder David A. Bednar, in his third suggestion of how to be More Diligent And Concerned At Home said
"family home evening lessons did not always produce high levels of edification."

Maybe you don't.

I'm here to tell you that what he said is the gospel truth.
Tonight's family home evening was an experience that included some whining, some hitting, a comment from Mister Dub something like "This isn't whack-a-mole" followed by more whining, crying and family members refusing to comply with their assigned tasks ("I am NOT song!... I am ACTIVITY!") after which the song ended up being an improvisational interpretive song called "I Am Activity" that started out as pure mocking by one sibling, and then turned into a full on family sing-along beat-boxing style.  The good news is that the impromptu song turned that frown upside down, and we made it to the opening prayer, which may have included some hitting with eyes closed.  

Good times.  

And skipping right to the end, where we participated in the actual activity (where there was an audible groan, followed by "Oh... I hate that game!") and there was a bag of mini carrots being passed around (post dinner snack).  After round two of the popular activity where we do a lot of switching seats on the miscellaneous couches and chairs in the room was finished, one child raised a hand and asked "May I say something?" to which we said "go ahead" and then the "something" that came out with a giggle was "I put chewed up carrot bits into the pockets of everyone who sat next to me."  

And I won't bother to document the chaos that ensued post family home evening.

Chewed up carrot bits.

This family is AWESOME.


Sherry said...

I hope my family can be as much fun as yours when we are all bigger.

The Mormon Monk said...

And that's why Sweet Mesquite needs to go to Bolivia, so that I can once more participate in the awesomeness of a Whitcomb FHE. Please congratulate the chewer of carrots for me.

Jenny said...


i have not graduated to that level of charity, YET.

But can I share with you that one child was begging for the activity to be an instructional on how to iron?

I couldn't make this stuff up.

LL said...

word verification is "dear"
DEAR fhe people....
Way to keep it real--and fun!

Ours was very similar this evening. No chewed carrots but of cup of hot fat (from the taco meat) and so someone thought it would be funny to put marshmallows on top and offer up "hot chocolate"
Oh DEAR!!!

What would we do without FAMILY NIGHT?!

Jo Jo said...

You guys have me beat. For now. Taco fat? Pockets of orange goo? Good times.

April said...

AHHH I'm laughing! Sounds like some of our Family Home Evenings- and it's usually when we've invited another family over... LOVE IT!!!

Becky said...

PURE awesomeness. :) xoxo