Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It was a HAPPY school morning!

 Mesquite's off to be a sophomore.
 Rooney's ready for 7th grade.
 Then we woke up round two:
 Leeli will LOVE 5th grade,
 and Morning Boy thinks first grade is NUMBER ONE!
 Carrying all those school supplies will test the seams on their new backpacks.
 Good-bye students!
 So long sleep-ins...
Farewell Summer.


Joy said...

we are already in week #2. Where does Summer go?

Smilin' sunshine said...

sad...that summer is over!

Aaron H. said...

Let's be honest. You neglected to mention: Zero kids at home = living the dream.

Jo Jo said...

Those are some BIG backpacks! I can't believe how long their hair has gotten. Best of luck!

LL said...

Their hair is long because the hair lady is lame :-)
That last picture of the bus pulling away make my heart hurt. BRING THEM BACK....I want to go back to the beach.

shirlgirl said...

I can't believe the size of those backpacks! Gosh, we had green school bags that we had to carry or sling over our shoulder. These kids will be round-shouldered before they get out of high school! I think the ones on wheels would be the best and easy to lug around. Hope they had a great first day of school

April said...

Happy new school year!! xoxo!