Sunday, August 14, 2011

the night dinner came rolling in courtesy of meals-on-wheels

After a family trip to Virginia
I had a laundry list
(and laundry)  
of things to do.
I found myself 
answering an unexpected phone call
(as I ran here and there; thither and yon)
from my parents.
It went something like this:
(them) Hey Jen!
(me) Hey what?!?
(them) We're bringing dinner over tonight;
how's 6:00?

and it WAS.
Home-cooked, delivered hot, and eaten outside on the patio on a perfect summer night.
(and they are perfect in my book, too.)


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shirlgirl said...

Yum! The angels appear again just in time!

Swimmingmom said...

How cute is that?!!!! So so nice.

ellen said...

Can I be adopted?!?