Tuesday, July 29, 2008

College Roommate REUNION!

Darleen, my college roommate (from MANY years ago...) came to visit! A VERY fun time, with her daughter Ariana, husband Mike and LOTS of dessert. I'm glad she still likes me enough to visit! My kids can't imagine that I was EVER in college... it feels like it was YESTERDAY! I feel blessed to know Darleen, and to call her friend. (AND--she brought me CHOCOLATE!!)


Sarah said...

it's great that you have your own blog! I hope this all works out cause I think it will be fun!
~Sarah ;)

LL said...

I feel like you're all grown up, out in the world on your own!
I'm glad you're joining in the craze!
"your mom goes to college"
have you seen that movie? that's the first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned your roomate and your kids. FUNNY!
anyway. :)
Welcome to blog world, good to have ya!

LL said...

oh hi. me again.
just had to say....GREAT PICTURES!
Mason up top and your family picture below...so so good!
ok. that's all for now

The Coopers said...

Yay for Jenny! Im so glad you decided to join us all, I have to say its now one of my favorite pass times to gander in the lives of everyone here in this wonderful world of blogging! I will look forward to keeping up with you guys, I sure do miss you all soooo much!
I wish I could say we'll be heading out there soon but that would be a lie...we for sure will be there for the reunion next summer, but that is so not soon enough for me. Oh well, Ill just have to invent one of those teleport things, until then...LOVE YOU!