Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Part I:
The Pumpkins.

Happy Day: ALL kids old enough to de-muck their own pumpkins.

working the design...carving them out

Happy is a mom with POWER TOOLS!

The finished products!

Bonus points

for those of you able to tell us why this last pumpkin is SO scary...

(and what it is)

Part II: the costumes

coming soon.


LL said...

No clue on R's pumpkin, they all look SO great!
Love the power tool shot and r. M on the bench with his feet up.
Everyone appeared to be very focused on their project, fun night.
Can't wait for the costume shots!

Schenewarks said...

So very creative! You guys are pumpkin' carvin' experts. We think little Roger's pumpkin looks like our mouse for the computer but it's probably a power switch/button. Amy Jo

ChefTom said...

It does look like the off button on a computer or cell phone.

Jane said...

Great job on the pumpkins! I am not sure on R's?? I should ask Dallas I am sure he would know. It must be from a scary teen movie? That is my guess.

Jenny said...

Amy and Tom, you're getting WARM!
Now the question of WHY is this so scary? (It actually is a frightening concept)
Jane, you're right about asking a teenager. He might know...

shirlgirl said...

Love all the pumpkins--very creative. As everyone else says, not a clue about R's pumpkin. I don't know if I want to hear the scary concept. Love Mr. M and his pumpkin and relaxed position.

Becky said...

I GIVE UP! What??? What is it?? I can't TAKE it anymore? TELL ME!:) (please?)

Roger said...

THE answer:
The circle of death.
You kind of have to be into gaming to understand (which I'm not).
If you own an X-box 360, this would be the worst thing to see on your controller. apparently. It means that your hard drive is fried. It shows up just like the pumpkin is carved--red and glowing. To R, the scary thing of this Halloween. Thank you for playing.

Christy said...

Ok, Jared says it is the power button on a MAC laptop...
(if it is from a scary movie..count me out of the game..I'm a wimp!)

We may have to carve thanksgiving kids were lamenting our skipping out this year..maybe a big turkey or something could be nice.

Oh wait, Jared changed his mind..he says the picture reminds him of BYU beating Utah.