Monday, October 27, 2008


It was homecoming weekend!
H.S. Pep rallies,Marching Band
Parade Formation
LOTS of noise,

The School Fight Song

Eager participants

The Middle School Field Hockey Team
Watching the football team win 42-0And the tradition of the FLOATS!
The Seniors made a Cat in the Hat float.
For 58 straight years, our HS has incorporated the
FLOAT contest between the classes
into the homecoming weekend and parade.

We look forward to it every year!
This year's theme was Childrens Books.
The freshmen chose The Little Engine that Could.

Our favorite was the sophomore class entry of Clifford: The Big Red Dog.
He was BIG!
The kids collected SO much candy from the parade, I'm thinking about skipping Halloween.

The Junior float was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
It also won grand prize.

The WHOLE town was involved,
and It was FABULOUS!


LL said...

what a great weekend! Fun to have your kids so involved..and those floats, impressive!
Such good pictures, three cheers for the new camera :)

Jo Jo said...

Okay, I want a town that supports homecoming in such a way, and I want a parade with floats! Too much fun. Amy Jo

ChefTom said...

Awesome that your town has spirit and tradition. I think in July we have a petrified coyote dung tossing contest, but I'm not sure...

Becky said...

wow - who needs Macy's with THAT parade? invite ME next year! did you say you're skipping halloween? can i jump on that bandwagon???

ellen said...

I love your pictures; especially the ones of the band hats from behind. Sounds like it was a loud and fun weekend in L-burg.

Jane said...

Such cool floats! Looks like a really great weekend.

We have a Town parade every year for Gilbert Days. But no floats...just politicians, and horses etc.

ChefTom said...

Gilbert Days, a LONG parade of polititions on horses and the rodeo that follows. I used to go to that every year.

Cathy said...

I wish there were more parades with floats. So sad I missed the parade