Thursday, October 16, 2008

interrupt this blog

for a not-so-important news update:
amidst the craziness of the day, I came home (for the 7th time) and noticed a sink full of dishes that needed to be loaded into the dishwasher. I looked at the clock and saw that I had five minutes in which to accomplish this task. Actually, I didn't HAVE to do it, it just wasn't getting done by anyone else. So I did it. Meanwhile, I reach under the sink for the dishwasher powder and discover that it's all WET. And the powder is expanding the box. In an effort to discover the source of wetness, I reach up and feel the pipe. My index finger goes right THROUGH a rusty spot, and more wetness falls out. Hole in pipe. Everything under the sink gets swept out onto the kitchen floor, big plastic container goes on top of the towels under the sink. I glide out the door to the next pick-up. Now, everytime you turn on the water or pour something down the drain, it ends up in the container under the sink. And there's a lovely pile of damp under-the-sink-stuff decorating the kitchen floor. Which blends in nicely with the dropped jackets, stray shoes and abandoned toys already covering the floor. It's a nice look.


Becky said...

just go with it...nobody will even notice. Hate when that happens. (ugh)

Jane said...

How are Rogers plumbing skillz? What a pain, I hope the good fairy fixes it while you are all asleep tonight, and that the dishes get done too. :-)

LL said...

I think I heard something somewhere recently about JOE THE PLUMBER!
call him.

ellen said...

LL you took the words right out of my mouth! Joe the Plumber to the rescue!!

ChefTom said...

Why no picture?
I feel your pain Jenny.

I had a helper stuff 10 lbs of shrimp shells into my disposal 2 weeks after I moved into this brand new house. I took me all weekend with a plumbers snake to clean out the pipes and get the bucket out from under the sink.
It took 2 months to fully get rid of the fish smell. (It took me 6 months to find a good helper again)

The good news is:
IF it is just the pipe under the sink it should be a quick and easy fix. go with the PVC kit they sell at Home depot and the pieces will either match up or are easily cut to fit. They all hook up with compression fittings and require few if any tools.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Jenny, I don't believe it-one more glitch in the life of my sweet niece! It is Murphy's law, you know. And, I think I would get a plumber and not do a fix-it-myself deal. I know it is expensive but it will be done right. I always call whoever I need to do things here--it is much safer, believe me! Hope it gets fixed soon--and it is time the kids took responsibility in getting the dishes into the dishwasher. Rinse off and place in dishwasher before leaving the kitchen, kids. HELP YOUR MOM!!!!