Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scary noises

I read this book last weekend.
My friend, Ms. L gave me 2 books to read, but I put them in a bag and left them in the back of my husband's little car. which goes off to work each day. And I wasn't sure where they had run off to. So they were MIA for a while.
I had to find a replacement, because I knew I was going to find myself with some time to read. and Ms. B came to the rescue. She gave me 3 more books to choose from. I picked this one, because it was the smallest.
which made it more attractive when making the commitment.

The title caught my attention, because I often feel unbalanced;

leaning heavily towards filling the needs of
church responsibilities
school volunteering
meal planning
balancing the family schedule
with the housework.
THAT, combined with the fact that my washing machine does the tipping-over dance everytime I wash jeans or towels (which is a LOT in this house!) made me think that this book was for me.
I read it in 30 minutes (really!).
I highly recommend it.
I also recommend having a washing machine that sounds like it is going to jump through the ceiling everytime you wash something heavy. Pretty much EVERYTHING gets heavy when it's saturated with wash water. So I do a lot of running upstairs to balance my machine.
I especially recommend having a very noisy, thumping and bumping machine when you have a house FULL of teenage boys over to spend the night.

It gets their attention quick.

They even look worried.

I do NOT recommend having a machine like this on days when your constitution is feeling a bit tender or tired. BUT. It gets the job done. And the people of this house who wear the clothes are happy. And the teenage visitors are momentarily tamed. So don't think that having parts of your life unbalanced is a bad thing. Oh no. I'll take my unbalanced life and go thumping and bumping through the motions. Somedays it's unsettling, others it's quite funny. I think that having some unbalance in my life is keeping me a little more balanced. So I'll rock on. (literally.)


LL said...

I did like that book, that too is available through the LL. (i have a problem)
So guess what, I have a new book for you. I'm almost done with it. So get your reading done, there's more to come.
Being a little OFF balance just feels right, keeps things exciting ;) very cute post today.

Schenewarks said...

I loved your unbalanced washing machine. Always helped you remember to change the wash, so it got done very quickly, and there was a mountain after the canyons. So my vote is yes to being a tad off balanced. You cover more ground. Amy Jo

Jenny said...

I'm growing fond of my rockin' washer, too. It DOES make it hard to forget that you're doing the wash...
A--you lost me at the mountains and canyons comment. My reading comprehension is a tad off balanced, I'm thinking.

Jane said...

Add me to the unbalanced club! I am not sure I would know how to function if I wasn't.

I am sure you do the balancing act very well Miss Jenny!

ChefTom said...


Becky said...

Hey LL - that IS your book. I borrowed it from the LL library and passed it on to Jen when she needed something to read. I haven't read them so they'll be making their way back to me if you don't mind.:) FUNNY post Jen. I've witnessed your "off balanced" machine. You, my dear, handle your "off balanced" life very well! Rock on sister!!