Tuesday, September 23, 2008

setting goals

today's goal:

Do nothing.

(for at least 30 minutes.)

I'm thinking I can pull this off.

today's mantra:

doing nothing

is sometimes more deeply meaningful

than the

swirl of activity

that defines our days.


Becky said...

Hooray for you! I did a 30 minute walk with Ben today as my "do nothing". I actually try to do nothing for 30 min. everyday. Works for me!

LL said...

good idea. i could use 30 minutes of nothing. my in-laws just left after almost 2 weeks.
so, I'm here cleaning out my cupboards. (i found evidence of mice again)
after I'm done, I will try and do nothing :)

smart mama said...

oh that sounds good- slightly impossible this week but heavenly - I think i'd last 2 min before i jumped up to do something

Schenewarks said...

You deserve a do nothing day. Mine was yesterday. Kept returning to the couch. Maybe we need some vitamins ;-) Amy Jo

ChefTom said...

Did you actually get 30 minutes of nothing in yesterday? Inquiring minds want to know.


Jenny said...

Ummm... actually, not so much. I counted my time sitting at the computer, sitting behind the wheel and sitting behind the bedtime story book with Mr. Morning. It all adds up! And it feels good just to say 'do nothing' out loud a few times. I'm good now!