Friday, September 26, 2008


Dear 7 other members of my family,
i am miffed.
it's raining.
(a lot)
nobody in this family
(of EIGHT people!)
took out the garbage today.
So as I'm driving my girls to the street
to catch the school bus (it's raining hard)
i notice.
hey! I said.
why is our trash not out?! (off to school the last two go)
I race back to the house. (Mr. Morning in tow)
collect all the garbage.
haul it out.
Load it in the back of the van.
the doors are bulging.
i see the truck! it's two tenths of a mile
at the other end of my driveway.
I race to get there,
and at the burst of accleration,
the rear doors fly open
empties itself down the driveway.
in the pouring rain.
I make the hasty decision to abandon
the recycle.
Throwing the garbage back in the van,
I chase the truck around the neighborhood
about 20 houses and pull in front of him and
stop. sorry... (i said) here's my garbage. i almost missed you.
what i wanted to say was
look. i'm having a morning. (why does it have to be raining?)
could you just come back to my driveway
and pick up the rest of the trash
that's littering that place from one end to the other?
but i didn't.
I drove back, got out in my pajamas and slippers
and proceeded to un-litter my driveway.
(in the pouring rain).
Mr. Morning watched.
from the dry van.
he informed me that he hates being wet.


Schenewarks said...

This is a beautiful post. Just what blogs are for - to make you smile and think, hey, they're having the kind of day I always seem to have. So sorry about the mess, the rain, and being all by yourself. Hate trash. Amy Jo

ChefTom said...

poor Jenny, that is the saddest story I have heard in a long time. do you think there a video of it on you tube yet?

I will eat chocolate in your name for breakfast, hope this makes you feel better.

LL said...

Hello WILMA!!! I'm sorry your morning has been so messy. I'm also sorry that your pain makes the rest of us smile. It's just that we can all relate. I once chased our garbage man down the road, ON FOOT, and totally TRIPPED. It was one of my finer moments.
I hope Wilma leaves for the weekend, we miss Jenny!

Aaron H. said...

next time leave the trash scattered in the yard and make your kids pick it up. it's better than a week with a trash can in your bedroom. just ask tina.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Jenny, where is your camera!! This would have been a candid moment in your life!! Since the kids didn't put out the trash for you, I'd think up some good "punishment" for them. No dessert, no TV, no games. Be lucky to have dinner (kidding). Just leave a large note on mirrors, etc for next week that the RUBBISH GOES OUT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!!

Smilin' sunshine said...

You do make us laugh. Thanks for sharing your bad morning!

Joy said...

I'm sorry Jenny, but I smiled and laughed...wasn't funny this morning, but think of the great stroy it is now. Love ya.

Jane said...

Oh that is such a bummer, and I am sorry that it made me laugh!

A lady in my ward thought we should have a pink ribbon to put on our garbage cans, and it secretly meant "I had to take the garbage can out today" So all of the other women on the street would know we were not alone. And we could let all of the other men know we all knew they forgot! (she never did it, but it made us all laugh)

Hope your day got much, much better!

Michael Stokes said...

I'm with bubba-gus; I hate being wet. HT

smart mama said...

missing the pics- i hate trash i will have no part in it- that sounds so tortorous

Tina said...

Haha, oh Jen the post, really!! Not funny i know, trash is the worst to deal with!! UGH!! Listen i've had my fair share of it, and i just keep thinking, those sotries are coming my way as soon as i get me a family...unless i make my husband take care of it...haha. I'm with Amy, sorry about the mess, the rain, and being all by yourself. HATE TRASH!!
Love you though!! :)

Alana said...

Jen-Jen, I'm still laughing. This is just what my wife needs to read, to help her be happy after a long day with two ear-infected children. Thanks!


PS-I'm with Mr. Morning. I don't like being wet either.