Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's COOKIE day, darling!

Today is the day the girls at the high school have their first night soccer game.
Let's bake cookies!
I don't have girls on the high school soccer team,
but I will support the booster club and bake.
I have Mr. Morning to help me crack the eggs and measure (sort of) the flour.
Today is the day the window replacement man comes to inspect and measure.
More cookies!
If I bake delicious cookies, the aroma might distract him.
I can't possibly clean and vacuum all the nooks and crannies he'll be staring at, but I CAN bake!
Cookies, it is.
Today I need to juggle field hockey, soccer, music practice and homework before feeding the crew something nutritious and getting them off to their youth activities at the church...
Need MORE cookies!
That way, I can sedate my nerves with chocolate.
If the kids need snacks while taxi-ing other kids to atheletic events, we'll have COOKIES!
If homework becomes too grueling, cookies will help.
If we run out of time completely, dinner is DONE.
(There ARE eggs in cookies, you know)... protein? Absolutely.


ChefTom said...

You are too funny, Jordyn and I had vanilla wafers for breakfast the other day... We fixed it with a good lunch.

Becky said...

Oh Jen...I wish your life could be a little less crazy. Could you bring some of those freshly baked cookies to TOFW?:)

Jenny said...

I'm all about cookies for breakfast. It's my favorite food group! Becky--speaking of crazy, let me copy a piece of an email that I sent to the Mr. this morning, when he informed me that he would be going straight from work to a mtg, and wouldn't be able to pick up our jr. soccer player:

"Thanks for the heads-up... this is going to be a tricky night. S has field hockey until 4:30, R is at soccer until 5-ish; A goes from 5-6:30, and I told the M's to drop their twins off at her practice field, because they're going to the seminary mtg in Ludlow, and have to leave at 5:30. Ad has marching band practice from 6-8:30 and S told me yesterday that the open house for her school is tonight, from 6-8. Any suggestions?"