Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a question

If you went away for a relaxing
and came home to find
waiting for you,
I ask you:
Would you ask that
to come back?


The Mormon Monk said...

The Mimi strikes again!

Jane said...

Ummm I would say no I would not ask that babysitter to come back.

I have come home to some crazy things, and it is usually when Dallas was being the babysitter.

ChefTom said...

You are the last person that should be upset at a TP party if I remember correctly, you hosted a few of those.

But I would not invite the babysitter back.

smart mama said...

LOL- i did that once while my parents took their sunday nap

Anonymous said...

So Jen, Looks like I taught them well.

Schenewarks said...

Mom, you're embarassing me. Amy Jo

Smilin' sunshine said...

Hmmmmm...NO!! Unless the babysitter helped clean it up before she left!! Fun Grandma!

Jenny said...

BTW--that mess WAS from the grandma! (And I'm SO inviting her back!) My kids will be carrying on a legacy of rowdy that comes from BOTH of those grandparents!

LL said...

the GRANDPARENTS?!?!? wow.
now that's FUNNY!
i bet the kids were happy as can be, what more could you ask for with a babysitter!

Becky said...

Been there, had that...UGH! (but fun too.)

Jane said...

That is the best! I love that Grandma came and had so much fun.