Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wishing for one less dimension in my 3-D mess

You should see my house.
I don't know what happens, but in the blink of an eye, we go from homey and acceptably-clean to wondering if we missed the twister that swept through the house when no one was looking.
Dub was travelling this week, we had some out-of-town guests, more than the average amount of Relief Society and visiting teaching visits and before you can say "Bob's Your Uncle," I'm looking through glazed eyes at the mountains of laundry and the overturned storage locker that used to be our mudroom, wondering if I should even try to make it better because it's highly likely that if I do, the same thing will happen all over again.  My forumula of hope:  E=mc (squared), OR Energy=mudroom cleaned (might last twice as long as it has in the past...)

Last night at the New Beginnings program for the young women at church, I sat next to a woman who often sits behind us in church (that phenomenon of reserved pews that somehow seems to happen, despite the fact that we don't pay for our benches).  I was thinking how amazing it is that Rooney is entering the Young Women Program this year.  So grown-up... then she reminded me of an unforgettable Sacrament Meeting when the Swedish Princess was three, and the chapel was extraordinarily quiet as the speaker mentioned the Holy Ghost.
In a horrified voice, Rooney exclaimed VERY loudly "The Holy Ghost?!... I HATE the Holy Ghost!"
It was a proud moment.
Ranks right up there with the Sacrament Meeting in which Yonder, at the same age, in an equally LOUD voice, at an especially reverent moment shouted "Dad, you have BAD breath!" not once, but even louder the second time, because he thought he might not have satisfactorily communicated his message.  Good times.

The weather has been perfect.  In all respects, a welcome gift. There were Lucky Charms in the pantry this morning, which meant that everyone fixed their own breakfast, and I was able to apply a little bit of make up and smooth my tresses before we left the house.  The stars have aligned and there is nothing on the calendar tonight.  Life IS good.


Smilin' sunshine said...

Do you have an uncle Bob?

Sherry said...

Oh man, I can't wait to have kids and take them to church. :)

Becky said...
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LL said...

laughing. I LOVE sacrament meeting moments.
Carson once yelled for more "pepsi" when they took the water away. :)

Jo Jo said...

Nothing beats Aaron crawling under benches to get away, and when caught, "Bishop, don't let them spank me again!"