Monday, March 1, 2010

Accidental Happiness

I found this picture when I was deleting the pictures stored on my camera's memory card.
It made me happy.
Let me tell you why I like it.
The earrings.
I got them at a Christmas gift swap with some GREAT blogging women.  They are dangly and fun.
My little ponytail.
I have such THICK hair, and my hair LLady was able to thin it out so well this time, that even though I'm dreadfully overgrown, my pony tail is still petite.  I love it.
That messy bookshelf.
Reminds me that I've promised myself to de-clutter.  I've fallen WAY off the 30-day bandwagon, but that shelf I can do today.  It's not so overwhelming.  There is still hope!
The dollhouse.
My girls still like to play with it!  The little girl still left in them makes me happy.
That open door out in the front hall.
If you look very closely, you'll see it's our measuring spot.  We keep track of how everyone is growing.  Once a year on their birthdays they stand against the door and compare the newest mark with the previous years.  Not only is Spring just around the corner; our first family birthday of the year is coming in about a month!
My thought?
Pause before you hit delete.
You just might find delight.


Aaron H. said...

Um...really? I don't see a scrapbook possibility here, without the accompanying journal entry. Delete.

Becky said...

Does Aaron have a delete button? He kills me! (it's wrong for me to laugh at his dark/negative humor...but I do.)

I'm still bitter about those earrings. I got stuck with some ugly red gloves. ;)

rad6 said...

funny all the little treasures that we can find in life when we actually look for them!

lovely post... said...

What a wonderful reminder! I smiled at your "measuring door". My parents had a door in their old house where we all grew up and they had all the grandkids measurements on it. When they moved last year (after 30+ years), Mom insisted they take that door with them. :-)

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Have a great week!

LL said...

WELL. I had a NICE comment, but Becky's comment has me laughing so hard I FORGOT what I was thinking. She's rotten. :)
I do agree, sometimes an odd photo can hold so much. I once went to a "scrapbook class" they taught us not to crop too much because sometimes the background will be more valuable than we think. Great shot.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

I do love the earrings AND seeing your lovely music room again... :)

Janssen said...

How fun is that? Makes me feel better about my inability to delete pictures (except the ones where I look hideous. Then I'm quick on that trash button).

Jo Jo said...

Sometimes I can't believe I'm related to Aaron. Very interesting thoughts to say the least!