Friday, March 26, 2010

Meal Math

Made a muy delicioso grilled steak dinner last night... fresh rolls, oven roasted red potatoes, squash, and spinach salad on the table set for 13.
Then Leeli went off to soccer.
Dub drove her.
Teenage boy, who wants to be known as Enrique went to a HS meeting.
We picked up, cleaned up and kept the food warm until Mr. Dub got back.
Forty-five minutes after our guests were supposed to arrive, I decided to call and see if they got lost.
Turns out I missed the call while I was teaching piano lessons. An unexpected trip to the doctor forced them to cancel our dinner date, and I didn't get the message.
Dub went back for soccer pick up, and Rooney joined him. Tired of waiting, I set out the food. Mesquite, Morning Boy and I barely made a dent in the spread.
The good news: We're having another steak dinner tonight. And there will be no prep!


Smilin' sunshine said...

Enrique?? Does he sing?

food looks delicious! love leftovers.

LL said...

Sadly your dinner guests REALLY missed out.
Enjoy it again tonight.

rebecca said...

What a yummy spread! Hurray for leftovers!

mckell.b.p.55 said...

What a shame... :) And could I suggest Reuben instead of Enrique?

shirlgirl said...

Sorry about the guests not being able to come and enjoy your culinary delights. I'm sure the leftovers will be very good tonight. Enjoy!

Ben Hutchins said...

Steak--and they didn't come? Forget the doctors, I'm there. The potatoes look really yummy.