Friday, March 12, 2010

Insert blissful sigh HERE.

So today wasn't actually as beautiful and warm as some of the earlier days in the week, but it did NOT rain.  For that wonderful non-occurrence I am truly grateful.  I was able to do this:
and some of this:
While I danced all around my pumpkin jugs doing the happy-pumpkin-growing dance
I decided I might want to check on my charges, who were frolicking in the Spring weather with some other neighborhood children.
Imagine my surprise, when I found their footwear on our lawn [yes, our lawn is still that horribly gray and brown and dormant and in no way resembling the Spring grass that should be appearing any second now] in the lovely 46 degree weather.  I followed the happy noises.
HERE is what I found:
We're all just so thrilled there is no longer two feet of frozen precipitation on the ground, that we have momentarily forgotten how to dress appropriately for our climate.
But we're HAPPY.
(Then we came in and had some hot chocolate by the fire.  The end.)


LL said...

the picture of your organized TOY closet brings me more joy than 48 degree's. LOOKING GOOD over there!!!
way to go on the pumpkins. FUN!

mckell.b.p.55 said...

Ooooh, sounds lovely!! I love barefoot weather. :)

Marilyn said...

We are enjoying the warmers weather, I hope it lasts.

Jo Jo said...

Inserting my warm, unbrushed morning breath here.

Michael Stokes said...

Roger and I are still faithfully praying for our 10 feet of snow.

Becky said...

AMY! LAUGHING!!! Look, quit flaunting your snowless yard while I continue to drown in 4 feet of snow up here. Enough already of this white stuff. I'm officially ready for green grass and barefeet. (this just means I'm totally jealous of your post...insert jealous sigh HERE) xoxo