Monday, March 15, 2010

Caucus. Not carcass.

It's Monday night, sports fans, and around here that means another night of
family home entertainment.
Tonight we chose to attend our Town Caucus instead of our usual stay-at-home variety of FHE
Field Trip!
This time to the Middle School, where we participated in the democratic process of nominating candidates to fill open positions in our town government.  Some of the conversation you could have been part of if you had gone along:
(imagine a noisy chaotic van full of people
driving through the rain and across flooded sections of road)
"What's a caucus?"
"A carcass?"
"No, a caucus."
"It's a dead body."
"We're going to see a dead body?"
"Dear, you just told the kids we're going to see a dead body."
"Oh.  Umm, you better explain."

After which we had a few minutes to explain the process of nominating members of the community to fill vacant spots for positions like selectman, board of health, school committee, cemetery commission, constable, parks commissioner, library trustee, etc.  There were 23 vacancies in all, and it took a grand total of about 17 minutes of motions and "ayes" until we cast our ballots and climbed back in the van. 

Since we were the only family (read: if we had not come, the youngest person there would probably not have been younger than 40-something) in attendance, it will probably not be hard to figure out whose ballot was covered in stick figures and scribble. 

On the way home, we tried the return-and-report method:
"So, did anyone learn anything?"
"Yes.  That was really boring."
"That no one wants to be on the sewer commission."
"That they really should call that thing a Town Carcass."


Janssen said...

I choose the FHE where you made s'mores.

Jo Jo said...

Funny! It will be memorable. And for the record, count me out of the sewer races.

Aaron H. said...

Here, here.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

Well, at least you don't live in a bigger town... I'm sure it would have taken even longer!

shirlgirl said...

Love the conversation!! Love the last comment, too!

Becky said...

LOVE this. I could have tagged along for this one just to hear the conversation. Good times with the W's.

Marilyn said...

That is hilarious.

LL said...

i can only imagine the conversation. Makes me laugh.

Mr Dub said...

It really was a carcass. I was very tempted to stand up and nominate you as the Sewer Commissioner, but was fearful that you would bring your work home with you. Stinky! Love at you.