Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good day, Sunshine

When the day starts with blue skies and laundry on the line,
A. It is no longer raining,
(yesterday I was paging Noah)
B.  It HAS to be good.
When it ends with wet, stinky socks drying in the car,
it means fun was had by ALL.
I love hanging with my women friends.
Morning boy didn't seem to mind either.
I trekked to the other side of the hemisphere to get my hair done.
(..neither rain, nor snow, nor twelve flooded road detours...)
Not only was my favorite hair LLady at the top of her hostess game,
I was happily surprised by a visit from mi hermanita bonita of the frozen north!
Ole!  (lunch was from Cancun)
And of course she brought Ben--he's always up for a party!
There were Chick feet, sick feet and fuzzy fuzzy fur feet.
(There were also feet named after Jacob and Esau, but not everyone knew THAT bedtime story)
If today were a meal, I'd take seconds!


Smilin' sunshine said...

Dang it, I always miss out!

LL said...

you failed to mention the Lawn Patty's.
Fun fun day! thanks for braving the floods...and Jane wishes you'd head this way twice a week. She loved having a play mate who was willing to play in the sticks and mud!
Thanks for a fun day!

LL said...

btw FUZZY FUZZY FUR FEET. hilarious!
Ben and his cute feet...you and your Esau feet. I just have lame Target feet.
Thanks for the bedtime stories, I'll try harder next time to study before our hair appointment. (utah girl)

Marilyn said...

Can I bring my bedspread over to hang on the line, it is too big for the washing machine.

shirlgirl said...

The jeans are on the line!! I love hanging clothes outside because they smell so nice and fresh when you bring them in. Maybe I'll do that on Friday.

Jo Jo said...

If I make the website, will you use it? Your hermana mountain mama sister would have liked to have been there. Heard about the lawn patties. funny

Becky said...

This was the calm before my storm. Thanks for being there. :) I'll take seconds too please. And I'm LAUGHING at the feet part. Utah girl kills me with the bedtime story she didn't know AND the lawn patties. FUN DAY!