Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Noah,

It's still raining.
The weather man said there is SUN! coming later this week.
But I'll be honest:  I'm worried.
Thinking of you today.


LL said...

I'm telling you....buckle up that life jacket--and hold your nose. We're going in! Into the sea!

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather that there was DAUGHTER coming later this week. Come to think of it, that rhymes with water. I feel a poem coming on.
hugs and kisses - dad

ps - don't worry - be happy

Yankee Girl said...

Boston and the rain made our newspaper this morning (actually Lexington did). I hope it stops for you and starts for us!

rad6 said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you ever see Michael McClean's(sp?) Version of Noah... ??? Some great songs your could be singing right now.

Bub said...

You have two options: Suffer with the flood or build an ark.
<3 Cherstin

Becky said...

I'm getting the paddles out. Today I rowed the kids to school. Row, row, rowing my boat! :)

Jo Jo said...

I want to see rain pictures!

Alana said...

How do you say mundane things like "its raining a lot" in such cute ways. Was I last in line at when they were passing out wit? I'm glad you were up front Jen. Call up Bill Cosby, he does a mean "Noah".