Tuesday, March 2, 2010

True Story.

I wasn't feeling well this weekend.

Monday after lunch
the good man that I married
called me from work
to check on my well-being.

He asked me how I was feeling.

"Okay" was my reply.

He was concerned.

He wasn't home,
so the best he could do
was to pass along
some comforting phrases.

"Sit down. 
Put your feet up. 
Have a strawberry daiquiri"

were some
of his words of advice to me.

While he was listing them off,
that snarky voice
in my head
started talking  
and it said

"Go drink out of the milk jug."

So I did.

the end


rad6 said...

a strawberry daiquiri is always a good idea...
maybe add a bubble bath to the list...
BUT, drinking out of a milk carton????? Is that on your happy list??? You crack me up.
Hope you are feeling better... if its any consolation... you make me feel better every day just by sharing! :) Love ya

Becky said...

What do you have NOW? Good grief. Feel better. :) And what can I bring Sunday? I'm a planner.

Aaron H. said...

Honestly. Does this story make any sense whatsoever? BIZZAH!

LL said...

and I like it.
Hope you feel better...we need SPRING!

Marilyn said...

You are so funny. That was very thoughtful of him.

whitney said...

Great post. One of those vignettes that would never be remembered if you didn't record hear and now.