Saturday, March 27, 2010

Didn't love it

6 out of 10 stars.
William Pene du Bois was awarded the Newbery Medal for this story in 1948.
It's clever, scientific and full of modern technology... for the 1940s.
This just wasn't my favorite.  If you're more of a balloon enthusiast than me, you might really get into it.  The main character is Professor William Waterman Sherman, a retired math teacher who leaves San Francisco in a hot-air balloon he intends to fly across the Pacific.  Instead, he lands on Krakatoa, an island with strange inhabitants and goings-on.
I couldn't wait to finish, so I could get on to something I would REALLY enjoy.


Janssen said...

Meh describes so very many of the books I read. Tragic.

Sherry said...

I LOVED this book as a kid. I wonder how I would feel about it now. But seriously, it blew my mind as a child. :)

Jo Jo said...

We have it. They've all read it several times. Must be a kid thing! Is that what happens to our imagination?

Alana said...

May you learn to put so-so books down so that you may move on to the great ones. Its hard though, I KNOW, I struggle with the same thing. Thanks for the heads up though.