Wednesday, November 19, 2008

While the big cat's away...

Mr. W. is on the west coast this week.
So you remember my coconut story?
Well, we were in the grocery store today. Again.
And here's how the conversation went:
M: Mom, can I look at the lobsters?
Me: Sure.
M: Can we get one?
Me: Do you like lobster?
M: No way.
Me: Then why do you want to get one?
M: Because YOU like lobster.
Me: Yes. I do.
M: Then let's get one!
M: You wanna share some with Dad?
Me: No way.
M: Why?
Me: Because he's gone, and I just can't have lobster hanging around the house that long.
M: Then you can buy another one when he gets back!
Me: Deal.
So that's what we did. I'm liking this 'think first and then speak' thing.
This is what I did for lunch today.
M wouldn't hold the lobster until I had removed those big claws. Even though I stressed that the lobster was VERY dead.
Lobster lunch. For one. It was perfect.


Becky said...

Have you no HEART? I'm sitting the hospital...craving some good food. Then YOU have to go and take a picture of LOBSTER??? Oh...the envy, the desire. But really? I'm glad you had a great lunch. Funny that he wouldn't hold the lobster. Kaleb CRIED the first time I dimantled one. :(

ChefTom said...

That is a pretty fancy lunch. Don't you know we are in a recession and we are supposed to be starving so the poor people don't feel bad... or something like that.

Jane said...

YUMMY! I wanna come for lunch at your house. Cute picture of M too!

ellen said...

That's a perfect lunch!

shirlgirl said...

Oh, am I ever jealous! And how sweet of Mr. M to ask you to buy a lobster for yourself because you like it. He is so sweet, and I'll be the lobster was as well. You did a nice job of displaying it, and I love Mr. M holding it.

Schenewarks said...

Okay, Sawyer and I aren't too much into the lobster eating part, but we do like to visit them in the store and watch them in the tank. Looks like a lovely lunch, love you lots.

Christy said...

YES! I am glad you gave in for the lobster too! Did you get to take it home live? That's o'so'fun to watch the reactions!

Marilyn said...

Mason is so cute! I am not a lobster fan but that does look good.