Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mr. W. is having a birthday!

This is that handsome guy I married.
His birthday is today!
He made me this chest for an engagement present.
I still have it, use it and love it.
I'm happy to say that I still have Mr. W.
I love him, too. (but more than the chest)
He likes to make me laugh.

He loves to cuddle his kids, and he loves to mow the lawn.

He once had LOTS of hair.
But we love him now without it.
When he sets his mind to something, he goes for it.

He is the handy man of my dreams.
When something breaks, he fixes it.
When I feel broken, he helps to fix me, too.
I love you, Mr. W!
and Happy Birthday to my most favorite guy.


Marilyn said...

Michael just sent me your blog address. It is great! Happy Birthday Roger, very fun pictures of him.

LL said...

That was so fun! Happy Birthday to Mr. W.
The last pic of him looks so much like your oldest son!
Cute birthday post...SO fun to see you yesterday! Wish we could have been in the same class.
See you soon!

ChefTom said...

Happy Birthday Roger.

ellen said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. W!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Roger!!
I loved all of the pictures.

Hope your day is great!

Michael Stokes said...

Who is this guy you have posted and where is my friend? Happy B-day Roger

Schenewarks said...

To our favorite Uncle Roger - you're the best, besides being super handy, super nice, super accommodating, we're glad you're in our family. Love, the Schenewarks

Becky said...

favorite uncle? i'm telling ms. schenewark. :) really? mr. w is the FUNNEST guy around. we LOVE him. happy birthday - 45th birthday that is.

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! We love you
The Utah Hutchins

shirlgirl said...

The pictures are great--with and without hair--so cute! Happy Birthday, Roger. Love, Aunt Shirley and Uncle David