Saturday, November 22, 2008

the week of fun is done.

Okay, so the topper is this: I got to spend the ENTIRE day Friday IN BED.
Which, if you must know, is really a blurry fantasy of mine... blankets, books, snacks... a day in bed would be bliss. However, I did not so much enjoy my entire day in the bed
(when I wasn't making trips to the bathroom).
AND, Mr. W. took the red-eye home Thursday night, and walked in JUST in time to be buddies with little Mr. M. for the day. In this case, timing WAS everything.
So I'm hoping for some time Saturday to re-connect with my hubby.
Because nobody wants to be near the mom/wife who is down with what my loving brother kindly referred to as the revenge of the lobster and coconut. It could have been worse.
And here's to a new day.
Happy Weekend!


LL said...

revenge of the lobster. I'm laughing!!!
not laughing at your sickness, I'm sorry.
Hope today is better...and welcome home to Mr. W.

Schenewarks said...

I'm laughing as well. Has Roger ever seen you with a hang over?

ChefTom said...

D&C 124:48

I guess you were warned... lol

repent and feel better.

Becky said...

glad you are feeling better. still better than 'out the mouth' i think. besides, a few poundages lost before thanksgiving isn't so bad, right? :)