Monday, November 24, 2008


I love listening to the prayers of my children.
Last night, Miss A. was grateful for her cute cats, good food, clothes to wear, a warm house, her comfy bed and parents who are willing to snuggle with her. I tried not to giggle during her prayer, because the list honestly went on and on and on... My thought was, why don't MY lists of what I'm grateful for go on and on? My prayers need to be longer. I'm slightly older than her, after all, and have a bit more praying experience.
Mr. M. was praying that 'the last leaf would drop off the tree SOON!' so that winter would be here. And, he was praying to be able to play and have fun in the snow! The enthusiasm and excitement in his voice while he was praying was very funny. So, I'm sorry to all of you who would rather put off the snow thing as long as possible... beacause there is a very faithful child over here, praying for it to come EVERY chance he gets.


Schenewarks said...

I love children's prayers as well. Children are so sweet and sincere. Thanks for sharing.

LL said...

SO SO SWEET! We have a couple faithful prayers over here too, praying REALLY hard for SNOW.
Loved this post, so cute!

Becky said...

My list could go on and on and on too. Love that our children are the example to US! Give miss A. a hug from me. :)

shirlgirl said...

Loved what Miss A and Mr M were thankful for and praying for. Can't say that I am praying for snow at this point. I'm not ready for it. I did pack three bags of leaves this afternoon just from in front of the house--all piled up against the fence. Still have the back yard to do, but that can wait. I'll also be thankful for the last leaf falling into the yard. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. I am thankful that we'll be together.

ChefTom said...

My children are usually better examples to me, than I am to them. They just speak from their hearts.

Tina said...

How sweet!! I love children's prayers too!! Haha, I loved what Abbey prayed for and Mason, can't say I'm with Mason on the snow thing, but i better prepare now cause I'm sure it'll be coming soon with him praying for it!! :)
This reminds me of a funny story: I was baby sitting for Ben and Joy and BYU was playing against Utah, (this was last year), anyway Josh prayed for BYU to win. I almost laughed out loud. So cute!!
Miss you and your family SOO MUCH!! Love you guys. :)