Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Do you know where my backpack is?
Can you help me comb the tangles from the back of my hair?
I need a new toothbrush.
A. just threw up!
Where's my lunch?
Have you seen my homework?
The washer is thumping!
I'm hungry.
Has anyone seen my bag?
Can you come downstairs with me?
He's annoying me!
I forgot my homework.
What can I eat?
Will you play a game with me?

The summons are endless.
I'm okay with that.
job security.
after lunch today, the summons came from
the outside.
and sugar baby.
(my five pound walking buddy)
Two laps around the circle;
just me, sugar baby, and my thoughts.
It was a beautiful 20 minutes.

On the way in I stopped to get the mail.
Guess what?
I've been summoned.
kind of funny.


Becky said...

FUNNY! Ready for a vacation? Good, cuz it's coming in 3 days. Did you seriously get summoned for real? When's your court date sistah?

Marilyn said...

That stinks! I don't think I want to trade lives with you, OK?

Jenny said...

YES. I'm ready.
Court date is January.

shirlgirl said...

Is this a summons for jury duty? I'm excused because of my "young" age!! You can move the date to a later time if January is not good because of weather and all. You can only do that once, though. Just a thought for you.

ChefTom said...

Funny! it's odd that I would rather deal with the internal summons than the one for court. They seem to waste a long day with just sitting around.

what is really funny is the word verification word for this post is waived. how appropriate...

LL said...

you are FUNNY! you and your sugar baby spending a little QT each afternoon. Being summoned at home is MUCH better than to court.
Good luck!