Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My amazing Super (something) world!

My project for today involved washing dishes, washing underwear, sorting socks, making a bed (notice the lack of plural in that last task) and also the cleaning of several toilets;
single handedly wielding the toilet brush while vanquishing germs down the flusher.
As a sideliner, I made rolls to go with the fabulous chowder I whipped up in 10 minutes, thanks to THIS Fantastic Food lady. Then it was off to taxi children. If I had a cape, it would probably be lost amidst the clutter that is my world. But imagine the cape, fluttering in the wind, whilst I flit from amazing task to amazing task. Faster than a washer in spin cycle. Taller than my stack of folded towels. Able to leap the clutter I cleaned off my desk last night in a single bound. It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's Super task lady gal. But don't be fooled. The results are not completely super. Just adequate. The jobs got done. The toilet Gods are appeased. The kids are fed. And I'm okay with adequate. Ta-dah!
P.S. Go over to THIS BLOG and check out today's message. It's substantial.


LL said...

LOVE IT! you wear that cape, wear it ARE super task lady gal BOS.
CUTE post!

Marilyn said...

What is "This Fantastic Food Lady"? I could use one of those!

ChefTom said...

You can be adequate in this messy house anytime.

Jenny said...

click on the link (the word 'THIS' in blue letters) in the post near Fantastic Food Lady. That should take you to the recipe. My family really likes the chowder. And it's fast and easy!

Cathy said...

You wear they cape so well and how did you get away with ONLY one bed to make?
Yes, who is this Fantastic Food Lady, cause I know she's not cooking at my house.

Schenewarks said...

You must have taken some vitamins, or was it the get away? It's nice to feel super every once in a while! Amy Jo

Becky said...

um...were you making rolls while cleaning toilets? that's impressive. :) you ARE my SUPER SISTER!

Jenny said...

Oh Cathy, you fantastic food funny lady. LOVE the chowder. Mr. W. gave it two thumbs up tonight. (And it was LAST night that we ate it for dinner).
And Amy, YES. vitamins are a must. But believe me, there's nothing too super happening over here. ADEQUate is the word. and YES, I guess you could count toilets and rolls as happening at the same time if you count proofing the yeast and rising the dough... nothing was contaminated by those icky potty germs, though.

Alana said...

I love your pictures. It so cute. You always take great photos.