Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Omega-3 fatty little secret

Last night for FHE treat, we made homemade chocolate chip cookies.
With m&m's.
They were warm, gooey, crunchy and VERY delicious.
They didn't make it past the evening.
My little secret?
I added 1/4 cup whole ground flaxseed meal to the cookie dough.
Rich in fiber, lignans and omega-3 fats.
Studies show flaxseed meal
may be one of the most powerful natural cholesterol controllers yet discovered.
I didn't go into that with my kids.
Matter of fact, they don't even know.
They also don't know that I regularly add this stuff to their pancakes, muffins, rolls and breads. Don't be afraid.
It's good (for you)!


Smilin' sunshine said...

Gotta love when you can add good things to foods that your kids don't know about! Even better when you are adding good things to treats!

Janae said...

I have a ton of flax seed - but it's whole. I use it in granola. I would love to grind it but apparently you can't put it in wheat grinders because of the oil. Have you ever ground it before?

ellen said...

Step aside, Sister Seinfeld!

LL said...

You are tricky.
Where do you find these seeds of flax?

Becky said...

may i call you priscilla? she would be proud. too bad she never reads the blogs to find out though. :)

ChefTom said...

You are vewry vewry sneeky.

Jenny said...

I have never ground my own flax.
that's right... step aside.
I am tricky. These little seeds are in most grocery stores, but I get them a Ocean State Job Lots because they are WAY cheaper. I'm cheap.
Please call me Priscilla. I used to hate it. Now I find it to be highly complimentary.
sneaky is my middle name.

Schenewarks said...

I love them in muffins because I think they are so much moister. You can buy it ground, looks just like the pictured bag of seeds. They're also an emergency substitute for eggs if you don't have any, the exchange is on the ground flax seed bag.