Thursday, November 20, 2008

week-o-fun continues

First there was the coconut.

Then the lobster.

Now meet teenager with helium.


Do YOU have any fun up your sleeve that we ought to know about?


ChefTom said...

You are having a banner week. can't wait to see what fun happens tomorrow.

LL said...

We ARE having fun. I turned out Christmas music today (totally against my own personal rule before Thanksgiving) but we had kids dancing banging pans together. A PARTY!
We should get my music, your hellium and lobster together, we could really have a good time.

Jane said...

Coleman says to tell you that was cool! I am sure he is going to want to try that soon. He's 10 and will do just about anything that he sees anyone else do that looks like a good time.

That made us giggle here in AZ!

Schenewarks said...

Great singing Adam, we want more, we must have more!

shirlgirl said...

Gee, what the "mice" will do when the "cat's" away. Glad you are entertaining yourselves while Mr. W is away in the warm weather. Sounds like the W family is having a great time. Nothing boring at your house. I agree with Amy--great singing, Adam.

Becky said...

that's it...i'm moving in. how's tomorrow sound. :)

Sarah said...

We welcome you any time Aunt Becky!

Christy said...

Fun Fun house you have!
We put up a inflatable yard slide (meant for water) in the living room today...took up every inch and filled it with so great!

Marilyn said...

Why isn't he singing in the choir?